“The highlight of the night was Trannysaurus Rox, or “T ROX” as the cool kids call them. The bass player and guitar player were top-notch musicians and the drummer seemed like happiest person on earth. T ROX also had amazing banter. At one point the lead singer said not to use condoms and to “just live life and have fun.” The bass player reminded the lead singer that people should, in fact, use condoms, to which the lead singer retorted “yeah but you’re pregnant.” Lead singer responds “I’m not pregnant, but I am still breast-feeding” and then squirts some breast milk into the mouth of another band member. Crazy shit.” – Nada Mucho, http://www.nadamucho.com/downstream-dominates-upstreams-face-night-2-recap/

“But let me take a moment to tell ALL of you that Trannysaurus Rox is hands down one of the BEST shows that we have EVER seen in the past twenty years. Oh my god. Not only that, Pride weekend was in full effect and everyone in the cities vicinity was in high spirits.” Gygax (the band)

“Balls Deep Holiday is like a soundtrack to a really twisted Christmas Special” … so Get the album before Christmas to make your Christmas complete!” – Tomas Antona (singer for Alice Donut)

“Several days later and I am STILL REELING with how fucking awesome your show is and was at your homecoming gig after your tour. 10 shows in 10 days, thousands of miles, suitcases still on the threshold, chewed up and hagged out AND STILL ROCKED ONE OF THE BEST LOCAL SHOWS I’VE SEEN THIS DECADE. If your band was a bitch, I’d fuck you. Hard. And easy. I love you ppl. Much!” – Laura Grace

Not sure which band member is fielding this, but I’m hoping I’m speaking to your lead singer/dildo purveyor. I saw you guys yesterday in West Oakland at the skate park. I was the only dude not wearing black (had a Hawaiian shirt on); you put your arm around me late in the set. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed you fucking guys. The bass player; the amazing pipes of the co-singer, the left nipple of the drummer, ALL of it. You guys were fucking fantastic. I wish I hadn’t put my camera away for your set. I know you guys are living off the grid. Much respect; know how hard that can be. Just wanted to reach out and say how much I appreciated your coming out and performing. Love your act. Totally get all the jokes. Not sure why Trannysaurus Rox is not more known. I will catch you cats any time you are in the Bay Area. Thank you for the entertainment. But my sex life is my business. LMAO! You guys fucking rule. Keep at it. Love the band family you have rolling. Please keep playing live music. Thank you. – Brian Allen

“the only music we have in our van on this tour is yr tape, and everytime we put it on we say to each other “fuuuuuuck theyre so good!” ?? – Jick Weevil

“Ok. Didn’t realize how much I needed T-Rox in my life before now. WoW!” – Hertzog Johannes Van Heerden

“If you ever have the opportunity to see Trannysaurus Rox, FUCKING DO IT. I never thought I’d see a room full of metalheads joyfully chanting “Big Black Cock!” And I have to say, the beautiful, recently pregnant, topless, gender bent Slash bass player squirting breast milk on stage is easily the most metal thing I’ve ever heard of, maybe second only to that time Ben Winchell stapled his own genitals on that very same stage.” – Zee Parker, Hexengeist


(David Yow’s response upon receiving album link)

In other news here is T-Rox’s first video and it is BOMB. Krystal Faye did a most amazing job with the shooting and editing. You should watch it unless you are easily offended.

Actually if you are easily offended you should double-watch it but know going in you will be offended in almost every way “decent” folk could be offended. It features lyrics that are highly (and deliberately) offensive, and video imagery of many offensive things including masturbation, public peeing while camping, gender neutrality, dildoes, strap-on dildoes, a simulated blow job, marijuana, a road trip, and a devil-horn-wearing hella cute breastfeeding baby ACTUALLY nursing on his ACTUAL mother’s boob.

You may not survive all the offensiveness in this video but if you do, you will have been initiated to the glorious outspoken agitprop awesomeness that is T-Rox.” – Kim Voynar (regarding the video for Cunt Dick Fuck God)

“Seattle glam combo Trannysaurus Rox is going to be delivering the perfect blend of New York Dolls and Hedwig & The Angry Inch, putting their trans lifestyle front and center in name, song and performance. This is like seeing a great drag show where the performers actually play their instruments, AND they play a killer rock and roll soundtrack. Trannysaurus Rox will have you dancing and shaking to your heart’s content.” – by Austin Rich for The Salem Weekly

In all fairness, “Death by Dildo,” along with the rest of T-Rox’s songs, has a nutritious layer of socially conscious, sexual-status-quo-challenging agitprop buried beneath that delicious layer of in-your-face lyrics frosted with all that butt-metal fabulousity. They intend to rub your politically correct comfort zone raw, and then some. And do they ever. – Kim Voynar


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