Balls Deep Holiday! (digital release)


Over forty minutes of skank rockin butt glam!

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digital release of soon-to-be published Trannysaurus Rox songs!  Over forty minutes of skank rockin butt glam!  Includes the following:

Intro (the Filthy Ones)
Witch's Egg
Big Black Cock
Death by Dildo
(a message from St. Dickulus)
Busy Bitch
We Like It Rough
Cunt Dick Fuck God


Sick Muses:

Einstein Jones (Nozomi Momo) - drums
Saint Dickulus (Andrew McInnis) - drums
Bruno Nymphomanicos (Ursula Stuart) - bass and backing vocals
Kinkita Trannimal (Kiyan Fox) - guitar
Danny Zig (Joy Von Spain) - vocals
Morgan LeGay (Tony James) - vocals