1 Minute LIVE Domination Session at a T-Rox Gig!

$50.00 $20.00

For $20 you can receive SIXTY seconds of live, public domination/humilation by one of the T-Rox  Crüe!

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Choose which band member will put their boot on your face, smack your ass, or smack down a word torrent over the live PA system.. guaranteed to either add or subtract five years of psychological therapy.  Morgana Le Gay, Danny ‘Dick’ Zig, Acid Panda, Kinkita Trannimal, or Bruno would all love to dominate your sniveling, puny excuse for a life.  Empower yourself by giving it all up … to TRANNYSAURUS ROX!

This money is a donation that will serve your favorite drag rock band by enabling studio time with a Seattle rock legend.  Do it!  You have to!!!