We Like It Rough

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Smokin’ Roaches not resin in the Kingdom of heaven
I wanted to get fisted but I guess I’ll get fucked
Give me all you got, still ain’t enough,
it’s a high five discount I can take it I am tough!

We like it rough 4x

Tried a vaporizer but I really love fire,
you gotta burn it to earn it, that’s how I like to get high
Listen to your mama but you do what you want
Never been in trouble until you get caught

We like it hot 4x

Eat out or get out, I don’t like you we won’t make out
My puss ya always hungry better keep me satisfied
Bangin so much that we’re losin sleep
It used to be your dick, now it’s mine to keep

We like it deep 4x

Gettin closer to death everyday,
nothing’s more certain only death awaits,
death awaits
So fuck more, why?
You are alive so fuck more!
Don’t waste your time, fuck more!
We are alive FUCK MORE!!!!
Till death