Thursday March 24th at the Vera Project – This One’s For the Kids and the Parents Who Will Be Like, Uh @?!#?~?

This is Hit Bargain! photo by Vashti Windish — at All Star Lanes :: Los Angeles, CA.

Holy Fux, stop your suffering!  Can’t you just go to The Vera Project sometime and enjoy yourself?!!   I’m not looking for judgement, just a yes or no.  Check it, here’s the bill:

Trannysaurus Rox
Hit Bargain
Aeon Fux
& you.  The AUDIENCE.

7:30 Doors. 8:00 Show. All Ages.  $5 ADV. $7 DOS.

Come party with TRANNYSAURUS ROX .  DRESS UP, PEOPLE!  Here’s the  link:

But what the hell?  Tony James aka Morgan LeGay went ahead and broke his leg in three places while in a sacred church orgy!  SO WE HAVE GUEST SINGERS. Satori-Lane Marill and Mississippi Jones!!  And the mighty T-Rox rhythm section of Einstein Jones and Bruno Nymphomanicos will be singing as well.  We are going to VIDEO PROJECT Morgan LeGay in the background via Skype and a video projector, and are gonna try and get him to phone it the fuck in on Busy Bitch.  It’s a party, folks.

We’re really excited to play with Hit Bargain and Aeon Fux.  Check out their links, they look like their cut from the same latex.