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Saturday June 4th at Cryptatropa Bar in Olympia

TRANNYSAURUS ROX CUMS ALL OVER THE FIRST CITY WE ARE PLAYING OUTSIDE SEATTLE.  Hold your breath … Lift your face… It’s … OLYMPIA (It might be a one-night stand, so you better make the most of it!)

We’ve got a new album and new songs, and Olympia is going to lick it up.    Guests TBA but rumor has it they are awesome and many of you are going to be excited to hear that they are playing live.

9:00 Door. $7 at door.

Come party with TRANNYSAURUS ROX .  DRESS UP, PEOPLE!  Here’s the  link:


Wednesday April 20th at The Highline Bar with Sioux City Pete and the Beggars and Witch Ripper

Trannysaurus Rox, Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, and Witch Ripper are performing!

AND THIS JUST IN! The spooky, kooky, lady from down under (and we don’t mean Australia), mother of all freak queens, the lovely and talented…

JAckie HeLL will be with us!!!

ARE YOU A CANNABIS ENTHUSIAST?! Come celebrate WEED with bands who support marijuana usage and legalization!

Your host for the night is Samuel Jack You Son, and you will also be experiencing the multifarious talents of these cast members from the Bong Show:

9:00 Door. $7 at door.

Come party with TRANNYSAURUS ROX .  DRESS UP, PEOPLE!  Here’s the  link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1067514983291977/

Poster by Bryan Kim


Thursday March 24th at the Vera Project – This One’s For the Kids and the Parents Who Will Be Like, Uh @?!#?~?

Holy Fux, stop your suffering!  Can’t you just go to The Vera Project sometime and enjoy yourself?!!   I’m not looking for judgement, just a yes or no.  Check it, here’s the bill:

Trannysaurus Rox
Hit Bargain
Aeon Fux
& you.  The AUDIENCE.

7:30 Doors. 8:00 Show. All Ages.  $5 ADV. $7 DOS. http://ticketf.ly/1orVqvj

Come party with TRANNYSAURUS ROX .  DRESS UP, PEOPLE!  Here’s the  link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1030357963676830/

But what the hell?  Tony James aka Morgan LeGay went ahead and broke his leg in three places while in a sacred church orgy!  SO WE HAVE GUEST SINGERS. Satori-Lane Marill and Mississippi Jones!!  And the mighty T-Rox rhythm section of Einstein Jones and Bruno Nymphomanicos will be singing as well.  We are going to VIDEO PROJECT Morgan LeGay in the background via Skype and a video projector, and are gonna try and get him to phone it the fuck in on Busy Bitch.  It’s a party, folks.

We’re really excited to play with Hit Bargain and Aeon Fux.  Check out their links, they look like their cut from the same latex.