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T-Rox Tour Kickoff Show w/ Ox & Freckles Riverside at Le Voyeur! Tuesday September 6th

There was a rock n roll rodeo in Olympia down at Le Voyeur.

For the second time, Trannysaurus Rox played in Olympia – Tuesday Sept 6. – It was the WEST COAST TOUR KICKOFF SHOW! You see, that means we liked you, because .. we came back. Some people think we will play anywhere where there’s dirt and sky and a place to plug in, but it’s not true, you are a two-night stand now. We had our next level special tour merch, which consisted of sex toy tape packages, posters, tapes, and offers for on-stage dom humiliation. This was a Tuesday, but we made sure it wasn’t the same ole grey grey. If you can’t have fun every day, then you will turn into a sourPUSS, and no one wants that.

We were blessed to have Freckles Riverside open up for us (alter ego of Morgan LeGay), as well as the amazing dancey black metal band, Ox.