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Pride! w/ T-ROX L80 Shower Scum & Jackie Hell Saturday June 24th at the Highline

06242017eventflyerIt’s TOTAL PRIDE 2017!

Get your final Freak Out Saturday June 24th for Gay Pride Seattle! We guarantee a good time!


Doors at 9pm, $10
Facebook Event Page





Pride Highline Bar Saturday June 24th with Jackie Hell Medusa Stare Shower Scum and L80L80



Bring ALL your friends!


Friday September 16th at Substation! With L80 and Power Skeleton

This was a sick show!  I mean, first of all, literally, because Sioux City Pete was supposed to open and was too sick on that day to play.  But then it was sick in a good way, as in crazy and wicked, yeah.  Anyways, thanks to Substation for providing the awesome sounding venue for our homecoming show.  Lots of fun.

picture by KnightenDaise


Power Skeleton https://www.facebook.com/powerskeleton/
L80 https://www.facebook.com/L80band/

We got some video – Magi took some, Dark Fusion Theatre is her video production name.  Sometimes the sound cuts out but the visuals are great.

Here’s a video of an unrecorded song, Milk It, — a rare capture!  Thanks to Knightendaise for this 🙂

Thursday August 11th at the In Arts Collective with L80! – The Genderless Mother

We are a Seattle band, and we are a playful band, and we play in the places we live.  Capitol Hill… It used to be THE spot for artists, LGBTQ community, and creative outsiders.  Now it has become Bro-ville, hostile to everything it used to represent. Many people have left, priced out or disgusted, but many are sticking around and digging in.  An enclave of old artistic capitol hill exists at The IN, an arts collective with art walks and events.  This is where T-Rox plays its next gig, Thursday August 11th at the In Art Collective.  Performances begin at 8pm!

Taken from the FB event page:

In this Capitol Hill artwalk event, we focus on mothering as a genderless industry necessary for the preservation, growth, and social acceptability of children and their development.

“The question I want to address is whether there is anything in the nature of children, women or men that requires a sexual division of parental labor even in post patriarchal societies.” – Sara Ruddick from “Maternal Thinking” (1997)(2006)

Mothering has a profound impact on our long-term well-being, impacting our ability to self regulate our emotions as adults. According to Karl Jung, the mother archetype is a symbol of our collective unconscious over history as a species. However, not all women are Mothers, not all Mothering comes from women alone. Can people identify with the Mother archetype, even if they do not identify as female?

In this group show, we are proud to feature visual artist and performance artist, Naomi McCulloch as she prepares a special spoken word piece about the genderless mother. She also presents 20 pieces of artwork from herself and her 11-year-old son, Zeke.

Trannysaurus Rox is a fun, outrageous and gendered-fucked band local to Seattle.  Heard some rumors that there will be EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR EDITION T-Rox dildo-tape-sticker packages available at this show.  Fuck Yeah!

Also performing for hers, his and their pleasure, L80 (Lady)! Fuck Yeah! This band features Tony James, T-Rox’s front singer, and also Chadka, who is always around the edges of every current T-Rox event 🙂

Anne Harrington
Ashley Nichols
Hannako Oleary
Jeremy Decory
Kate Bopp
Krista Lee Wolfe
Naomi McCholoch
Philomel Swengo
Specs Wizard
And many more!

DJ sets and musical styles by
Kindness (AKA Kate Bopp)
Kate Bopp will be moving out of Seattle, so don’t miss her while she is here!

This event is free, but donations are welcome! Support this unusual art house, the DJ, the performers, the artists, and Fuck More! ]:D