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FIRST SHOW OF 2017! T-Rox Live at the Blue Moon Tavern with Kled and Velveteen Rabbit Hole Friday March 3rd

We’re baaack! It’s your fault, we love you too much! Playing at the Blue Moon Tavern Friday March 3rd with the amazing why-the-fuck-aren’t-they-famous Kled, along with the Velvet Underground Tribute sensation Velveteen Rabbit Hole.

Aww, Morgan LeGay, Danny Zig, Kinkita Trannimal, Bruno Nymphomanicos , and Acid Panda look forward to flashing you and making weird noises!

Here is the Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1891358771101126/

Have you been upset and sad about the state of your nation? What can you do, in the arms of the Cystem, but kick it in the ballsack and demand your freedom and your rights, including the right to express yourself!

Mama might cry, people might say hey you need to grow up and make money and keep your head down, but that’s only legit to the person who wants to make you a slave. Don’t be a slave, unless you have a rad Dom! FUCK MORE!