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T-Rox at Darrel’s Tavern Saturday March 18th with Best Band From Earth, Nasty Bits, and Your Band

Don’t get me started. You can get out of Capitol Hill or wherever the hell you are. This is one of the best bars in Seattle, even though it’s in Shoreline, heh.. Take a field trip! Take an adventure! Have too much to drink (but have a designated driver!) Make time go slow and get Rickety Rickety Wrecked! Let’s get Schwiffty!

Here’s the Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/197233514087339/

This is with Best Band From Earth, Nasty Bits and Your Band. Bring 8 bucks and be ready to dance!

A Night of Originals, Followed by a Night of Covers – Friday October 14th and Saturday the 15th with Dynamite Nugget, Powerhitter, Kled, and Best Band From Earth!

Hosted by DASWASUP GIG and Lucky Liquor, this is going to be one fun show!  Not just because it’s T-ROX, but because it’s two days playing with the same bands, AND on the second day, Saturday the 15th, it’s going to be all covers!  What covers are we going to play?  This is subject to change, but it looks like it might be this:

SEE: 5 Kick-Ass, Original Bands Bring It For 2 Nights!
HEAR: Each Band Demonstrate Why D.I.Y. Is The Way!
WITNESS: A Vulgar Display Of What These Bands Consider Music!
BE AMAZED: At Their Versions Of Music That Inspired Them!
DON’T MISS: The Chance To See These Bands And Support Great Live, Local Bands!

Here’s the Facebook Event Page.

The other performing bands are:

Powerhitter: https://powerhitter.bandcamp.com/
Best Band From Earth: https://www.reverbnation.com/bestbandfromearth
Dynamite Nugget: https://dynamitenugget.bandcamp.com/releases
Kled: https://kled.bandcamp.com/releases

It’s a night of originals and a night of inspirations!  Spread the love and do both!