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Wednesday Sept 21sh at El Corazon! With Sound of Urchin and Grayscale Family

It’s our first show at El Corazon!  This Wednesday we’re opening for The Sound of Urchin​ – they’ve toured with The Scorpions, Butthole Surfers, Dio, and Dick Dale, among many many others, and have been around since 1994!. They’re affiliated with the band Ween and also with Tenacious D​. Like T-Rox they are also musically diverse. Good Times ahead!




Friday September 16th at Substation! With L80 and Power Skeleton

This was a sick show!  I mean, first of all, literally, because Sioux City Pete was supposed to open and was too sick on that day to play.  But then it was sick in a good way, as in crazy and wicked, yeah.  Anyways, thanks to Substation for providing the awesome sounding venue for our homecoming show.  Lots of fun.

picture by KnightenDaise


Power Skeleton https://www.facebook.com/powerskeleton/
L80 https://www.facebook.com/L80band/

We got some video – Magi took some, Dark Fusion Theatre is her video production name.  Sometimes the sound cuts out but the visuals are great.

Here’s a video of an unrecorded song, Milk It, — a rare capture!  Thanks to Knightendaise for this 🙂

Thursday September 15th at the Lovecraft Bar! With Seven Cake Candy and Inverted Crosses

It was the last out-of-town show from our Balls Deep Holiday Summer 2016 tour.  We were happy to play amongst all the glow-in-the-dark ritualistic sigils, cthulhu art, and b-movie artifacts.

From the FB Event Page:

Thursday, September 15th
Psychopomp presents:
Trannysaurus Rox
 (Seattle, WA)
Inverted Crosses
 Seven Cake Candy
followed by
@ Lovecraft Bar
 $5 suggested donation. 8pm door. 21+

Seven Cake Candy
Seven Cake Candy

T-Rox at Sam Bond’s Brewery in Eugene, Oregon Wednesday Sept 14th

They treated us so nice.  The stout.  The food.  The guaranteed price.  We love you Sam Bond’s!  A small show, but fun to play and the perfect stopping point for a band that had been literally going 70mph for a good part of the day.

And that night two of the band’s entourage got laid!  But no one in the band got laid.  Oh Satan!

We like to do quotes of the day.  We had a couple good ones that day:

“Ohmygawd am I seriously gonna see some cock with my coffee? Oh yeah.”

“He found dick at a slot machine in a straight bar. And it was called Lucky’s.”

A message from singer Morgan LeGay:

“Come to our show and we will love you with open arms. Our band is empowering individuals that have been bullied by normal straight culture, bullied by their loved ones, bullied by their boyfriends, bullied by their girlfriends, their husbands, wife, family, and haters.

We are bringing a Hedwig style rock show to a community that is in desperate need of a good time. A gender fluid wonderland for people to express themselves freely and be who they really are. Even if for just one night.

Everyone in the band is trans. Maybe not the way you want us to be trans but we are. And no one can take that truth from us. We are all in transition everyday.

Rock on.”


T-Rox at Johnny B’s in Medford, Oregon with El Chapo, Chaos Comedy, Debbie Dale, and Emerald Diamond Cocker Tuesday Sept 13

From an interview in The Rogue Valley Messenger:

RVM: Any expectations for your first time playing in Southern Oregon?

We don’t know if Southern Oregon is ready for what we have coming for you. If you are a church-going person, this show might not be for you…[but] if you are free-thinking person who challenges all the norms in the communities that you live in, you’re going to want to come to this show! Because it not only is going to change your life, it’s going to change our lives in meeting you.

Trannysaurus Rox, with El Chapo

9 pm Tues., September 13
Johnny B’s, 12 0 E. Sixth St., Medford


Afternoon show at The Tubes in Oakland Sunday Sept 11th with Hornss, R.I.P. (PDX), and Blackwulf

It was an afternoon party at The Tubes in West Oakland! 4-8PM.  What is The Tubes?  It’s this amazing skate park that has generator punk and metal shows.  It’s at  the dead end of 9th street in far West Oakland and it’s amazing.




Here are the amazing bands we played with!  Sadly we only got to see Blackwulf, as we had to drive out to a San Francisco that evening at the Hemlock.

San Francisco Stoner Sludge Mojave Bong Lords!

Old school glam doom from Portland Oregon!

Stoner doomed fat bottomed rock

T-Rox in San Francisco with Parae and Vain Hein at the Hemlock Sunday Sept 11

We’d been waiting for this for a long time.  Finally made it to San Francisco baby!  Yeah!

We played with Parae (had played with them before at the Victory Lounge) and self proclaimed “vapor rave” act Vain Hein.

Although the attendance was small, it was extremely well-received.  We were also very happy to play the Hemlock Tavern because it had one of the most orgasmic sound system we’d played in a while.  Thank you Hemlock.  We gave the sound person four virtual blow jobs and one hand job.


T-Rox Celebrates The Official White Horse Bar After Pride Pink Party in Oakland, CA Saturday September 10th

A wild night celebrating Oakland Pride at the After Pride Pink Party at The White Horse Bar! Einstein was in the bathroom getting paid even if not getting laid.  Morgan LeGay was finally somewhere gay.  Bruno was letting it all hang out.  Kinkita and Danny ‘Dick’ Zig were taking a magical mystery tour with two mad artist savants.

Here’s Kinkita looking like a beer slut.  Our show merch is next level!

Thank you White Ho, for having us!





T-Rox plays The Space in Salem Oregon Wednesday Sept 7th with Tig Bitty (PDX), Bobbi Wasabi (PDX) and Megathruster

Our touring of glam punk metal spectacle touched down at The Space in Salem, Oregon for a high-energy night of great music, joined by the raunchy booty rap/hip hop of Tig Bitty (pdx) on tour with Bobbi Wasabi (pdx), who brought in some adventurous electronic dance jams!! Local nerd-core acoustic rockers Megathruster were also present!

Salem loved us.  Salem, we hope to be in you again soon!

14290072_520676178137038_649564769356818034_o 14362605_520674641470525_8621236518839400563_o



T-Rox Tour Kickoff Show w/ Ox & Freckles Riverside at Le Voyeur! Tuesday September 6th

There was a rock n roll rodeo in Olympia down at Le Voyeur.

For the second time, Trannysaurus Rox played in Olympia – Tuesday Sept 6. – It was the WEST COAST TOUR KICKOFF SHOW! You see, that means we liked you, because .. we came back. Some people think we will play anywhere where there’s dirt and sky and a place to plug in, but it’s not true, you are a two-night stand now. We had our next level special tour merch, which consisted of sex toy tape packages, posters, tapes, and offers for on-stage dom humiliation. This was a Tuesday, but we made sure it wasn’t the same ole grey grey. If you can’t have fun every day, then you will turn into a sourPUSS, and no one wants that.

We were blessed to have Freckles Riverside open up for us (alter ego of Morgan LeGay), as well as the amazing dancey black metal band, Ox.