T-Rox at Sam Bond’s Brewery in Eugene, Oregon Wednesday Sept 14th

They treated us so nice.  The stout.  The food.  The guaranteed price.  We love you Sam Bond’s!  A small show, but fun to play and the perfect stopping point for a band that had been literally going 70mph for a good part of the day.

And that night two of the band’s entourage got laid!  But no one in the band got laid.  Oh Satan!

We like to do quotes of the day.  We had a couple good ones that day:

“Ohmygawd am I seriously gonna see some cock with my coffee? Oh yeah.”

“He found dick at a slot machine in a straight bar. And it was called Lucky’s.”

A message from singer Morgan LeGay:

“Come to our show and we will love you with open arms. Our band is empowering individuals that have been bullied by normal straight culture, bullied by their loved ones, bullied by their boyfriends, bullied by their girlfriends, their husbands, wife, family, and haters.

We are bringing a Hedwig style rock show to a community that is in desperate need of a good time. A gender fluid wonderland for people to express themselves freely and be who they really are. Even if for just one night.

Everyone in the band is trans. Maybe not the way you want us to be trans but we are. And no one can take that truth from us. We are all in transition everyday.

Rock on.”