LAST SHOW OF 2016! T-Rox Live at the In Arts NW December 10th

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2016 has been a treasure of pleasure, we went past the tip and gained a lot of momentum. We are scattering to the four winds around solstice and the new year, so come celebrate with T-Rox for the LAST show of the year! Saturday December 10th at the In Arts NW. We will be playing some new songs, Buttchugger and Been Gentrified, and also doing our cover of Mr. Bungle’s Girls of Porn. The creativity floweth forth from the Glory Hole known as the In Arts NW theatre, and this is the majesty you can expect.

This is the new Gaydolf Christmas! (Gaydolf is one of Tony James’ many alter egos) Krystal Faye wrote a wonderful “choose your own adventure” script! The audience gets to pick where Gaydolf and Mirror go next as they Journey through gay hell during Christmas!

Higuera performing

Old Paws

and then us! Here’s the Facebook Event Page, which covers all of the Gaydolph Christmas Dates:

This is our last show of the year, so come all ye Creatures of the Field, all ye Sexy Demons under the Heavens, and we will let you FUCK MORE one more time at a T-Rox show, according to your chosen transgressions.

The IN Arts Collective

The IN Arts NW