Friday August 28th at the In Arts Collective – It’s Halloween in August!

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Penis Piñatas, it is happening! For real! In Seattle, it’s the only Halloween party in the middle of summer!  Come party with TRANNYSAURUS ROX at the In Arts Collective.   This is one of the best DIY parties of the year!  DRESS UP, PEOPLE!  Here’s the fuckbook link:

Hosted by: Gaydolf Hitler

Drag performances by: The house of Riverside (Mama Freckles Riverside)
The sexy and talented SIREN! (Haily Hummel)

Haunted Hallway by Jeremy Decory and friends!

Later night band line up:

Suggested donations:

  • VIP tickets available (no more the 20)
  • Backstage stoner pass, private group tours of the house and its history, Pictures with Gaydolf, front row seats, and more!
  • General admission (not over 10) (all donations go to the artists of the night)
  • (Sliding scale for all local artists and cool mother fuckers)