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Changzhou Zhongchao Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in January 2006 in the East China Chemical Market-Changzhou New Federal Chemical Market. It is an enterprise engaged in the production and sales of chemical solvents and fine chemicals.

  Our company is mainly engaged in high-quality chemical solvents in famous domestic factories, and has close cooperation relationships with many large petrochemical plants in China. It has abundant upstream resources. The company's main products are ethers, solvent oil series, alcohols, esters, and Dozens of types of chemical products such as alkane, benzene, ethylene, industrial cleaning and plastic are packaged for wholesale and retail. They are mainly used in the fields of industry, agriculture, medicine, food and other fields.

  Since the establishment of the company, it has been to make friends with the world in good faith, to win the recognition of friends in the industry with product quality, and to win the trust of customers with fast service. Our company continues to develop in the operation. It now has its own dangerous goods warehouse and its own classified storage tanks. Our company has a transport fleet of ***. It has initially achieved R & D, production, sales, storage, and transportation. One service. While guaranteeing quality, providing excellent service, Changzhou Super League has established a good reputation in the surrounding areas and has been highly recognized by new and old customers.

  Our company is committed to continue to adhere to the "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, competition" business purpose, with qualified quality, reasonable price and satisfactory service, as always, wholeheartedly serve new and old customers, look forward to your consultation and guidance!

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